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Students of PRMBA are held to high academic standards, but are not held to traditional schedules and learning methods. Research tells us that students who can make their own meanings and connections with knowledge gain a much richer and deeper understanding. Here, the students are in charge of their learning, not the school. 


We provide the GPS, the car, and the keys, but the student does the driving and chooses the roads on which to  travel.


iSchool High

PRMBA is a technology-based charter school using the curriculum developed by iSchool High. The following describes a little more about the iSchool approach.


"iSchool High, committed to the individual success of each student, is a public high school system designed to provide diverse opportunities and challenges. Authentic learning demands that students connect what they learn with their real world. This approach results in learning that goes beyond typical education and engages students in life-changing pursuits. Integrating project-based elements into the classroom, and dedicating portions of each day for real-world learning, gives iSchool students the most effective opportunity to grow and develop as a young adult."


SOURCE: http://ischoolhigh.com/


The iSchool Learning Model

PRMBA is a unique learning environment that not only provides excellent curriculum and learning opportunities, but offers students to practice real work skills through our career pathways. Keep reading to learn more.


"Decision-making education. At this point in a student’s educational journey, earning credits and progressing toward the conclusion of the journey seems to become the only goal. However, as they move into adulthood, students should be offered a diverse menu of academic opportunities that cannot only help them achieve graduation, but also lead them to be entrepreneurs and leaders now and in the future.


The element of Connected Instruction, personalized and student-centric, takes center stage during this stage of learning. Educators cannot miss the opportunity to guide and lead students and become everything they should be as they progress into adulthood.


Teenagers are capable of so much more than they are given credit for and Executive Learning (decision-making power) gives them the freedom and capability to use their creativity and dreams to accomplish more than a diploma.


This stage demands a rethinking of the role for educators. The independent environment is not a free-for-all, standards-free process. Rather, it is an intentional system designed to teach character and responsibility, allow freedom for individualism and creativity, and ensure effective learning for each student. Educators must see themselves as more than possessors of content. They must position themselves as true facilitators of character building and true mentors of creative and competent teenagers.


All iSchool Academies are character-based centers of learning. Knowledge is good, wisdom is better. iSchool students will be involved in character education, wisdom-building, and leadership development. Students will increase in knowledge but it’s vital they increase in wisdom as well. Character education, based on a conservative world-view, supports and strengthens the application of wisdom and knowledge.


All iSchool Academies will be personalized learning centers. Connected Instruction, designed to encourage student-centered projects and endeavors, will employ internships, entrepreneurship, community service, and creative ventures conceived and generated by students."


SOURCE: http://ischoolhigh.com/academics/