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What is PRMBA?

Pea Ridge Manufacturing and Business Academy is a conversion charter school managed by the Pea Ridge Public School District. 


PRMBA offers specialized courses that aren't normally found in public schools. We have established partnerships with local businesses and higher education institutions to provide "career pathways."


Students will not only gain core knowledge but learn how to communicate and defend their knowledge readying them for both career or college.


PRMBA seeks to put the student in the driver's seat, meaning, the student truly guides his/her learning. PRMBA has no bells and no set schedules, instead we encourage students to make more independent decisions.


We strive to:

  • Improve students achievement through career-centered learning

  • Increase student opportunities by offering a variety of technical-skilled trades

  • Provide students with expanded choices in educational opportunities

  • Create professional opportunities and connections for students

  • Hold students accountable for meeting measurable outcomes in life skills and employability skills

Career Pathways

At PRMBA, students have the unique opportunity to choose one of several pathways where they learn authentic career skills from teachers with real-life experience in those pathways.


These pathways are designed for students who want a career, not just a job, soon after graduating from high school. The skills they gain through these pathways are comparable to the skills students would receive from a technical or community college.


Our current Pathways include:

-Industrial Technology and Engineering

-Healthcare and Nursing

-Marketing and Logistics 

-Plastic and Metal Fabrication

Embracing the Future

PRMBA is not a school that looks to the past, but one that anticipates the future. It's not enough for us to just graduate a student and then hope for the best. We know that the investment we have made in our students really makes an impact on the rest of their lives. 


That's why we continually assess current and upcoming needs in our community and the world. Technology, team work, professionalism and critical thinking are essential to every facet of industry -- it is our mission to see not only that our students are prepared, but that they exceed expectations.


We know what our students need becasue we have partnered with several businesses in the area who regularly visit our students and evaluate our curriculum. They also open their doors to our students, giving them an inside look at how things work in the real world. 



LEA Number: 0407703 (Open 2014)

Pea Ridge School District

Grades: 11-12


Charley Clark, High School Principal and PRMBA Director

785 W. Pickens

Pea Ridge, AR  72751

Phone: 1-800-451-1241

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